Judy Garver

Business Manager and Co-owner

Judy met Dan in the microbiology lab at Union Hospital many years ago. Originally from the Weirton, WV area, she came to Dover to intern in clinical laboratory technology –and never left the area. She is currently Senior Lab Tech at Trinity Hospital Twin City in Dennison, OH.

It has been their long time dream to have a winery and a business together. But that dream did NOT include a 100 year old three story brick flour mill on Main Street in Baltic, Ohio. Well -- not until they went to see the building. It was obvious from the first glance that this building was too amazing to be hidden away from the public. Judy provided much of the vision of how to showcase this historic setting while providing a warm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere for their customers and wine lovers.

Judy wears many hats at the winery doing everything from greeting customers, helping in the wine production, and even became a wine bottle delivery truck driver…Ask her about trucking wine bottles!

All-in-all, Judy’s goal is to provide you with an experience you will want to tell your friends about.

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