We offer a Meat & Cheese Plate comprised of local favorites to complement our handcrafted wines. This delightful platter features Marble from Guggisberg, Mild Swiss from Steiner, Sharp White Cheddar from Pearl Valley, with pepperoni and salami from Baltic Country Meats. In addition, you will receive an apple or grapes and some crusty French bread. This is a wonderful snack for you and a few friends to share.

We also offer a generous Hummus and vegetable plate. You'll feel healthy after snacking on some veggies and pita chips dipped in Hummus topped with sweet red pepper relish.

If you're more interested in having an actual meal, we encourage you to bring food into the Mill. You can bring a picnic, takeout, or even a pizza -- remember our dry red table wine, Rosso Del Baltico, is the perfect wine to pair with pizza! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

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